Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LET HER BE YOUR STAR: Yes, Smash isn't a hit, but it did get Megan Hilty a chance to cut a solo record, with a pretty eclectic song list (Don Henley and Damien Rice covers?), and we are finally getting a Bombshell recording.  Do you care enough to buy either?


  1. Randy6:00 PM

    Not sure if I'll buy Bombshell in its entirety, but I really should buy "The Just Keep Moving the Line", easily the best song that Smash has given us to this point.

    And I still wish there was some way the song could've been called "The 20th Century Foxtrot" rather than "The 20th Century Fox Mambo", because it's more clever and less wordy.

  2. Marsha7:21 PM

    Have we heard all of these songs so far on the show? I don't think I know The Right Regrets, Let's start Tomorrow Night, and Don't Say Yes Until I Finish Talking. Am I misremembering?

    Lots of good songs here. Doubt I'll buy it, but I am considering it.

  3. A few have yet to be heard. "Don't Say Yes Until I Finish Talking" is the Zanuck number they did last season with the chorus boys in towels.

  4. isaac_spaceman8:59 PM

    I know I'm not the target audience, but I have such a strong dislike of Hilty from the only thing in which I've actually watched her -- as a rude, entitled heckler/interrupter in Louie -- that I have an independent visceral aversion to anything she's in. Will I ever root for Herc, for JT McCoy's dad from FNL, for Janice Soprano? It's not the fault of the actors who played those parts, but they are ruined for me as far as positive associations go.

  5. I'm definitely spinning it on Spotify, and if I dig it, I'll throw some dough at it.

  6. Tosy and Cosh10:11 AM

    I am very intrigued by the solo album. Musical theater professionals have a spotty record when doing pop/rock tunes (I have a Paul Simon album with covers by various Broadway singers that is pretty much uniformly wretched, while Audra McDonald's Build a Bridge features some wonderful versions of Randy Newman, Elvis Costello, and Laura Nyro songs). And to see that she is doing Aimee Mann's Wise Up? I'll buy at least that track for sure.

  7. Marsha10:33 AM

    What's sad about that is that it is a testament to their performances in those roles that you hate them so much. All three roles you've references are not cartoon villains - they're fully-realized, amazing performances. Which, in an ideal world, should make you want to see those actors again. But they did their jobs too well. Funny.