Thursday, February 14, 2013

FIRST PRIZE IS A TICKET TO THIS, SECOND PRIZE IS A SET OF STEAK KNIVES:  We've previously talked about Jason Reitman's livereads of screenplays around here, but his newest one seems like the most interesting yet.  He's doing Glengarry Glen Ross, but with one big twist--an all-female cast, including Allison Janney, Mae Whitman, and Catherine O'Hara.  No announcement for who's taking on Alec Baldwin's "always be closing" monologue, but this sounds like it could be fascinating.


  1. Love this idea, love the cast, love everything.

  2. Dave S12:06 PM

    Ok, Allison Janney is Aaronow. Richard Schiff just was him in May on Broadway. Josh Malina will play him in LA this May. Which West Wing cast member will be next?

  3. Dave S12:21 PM

    Whoops. Meant Schiff played him in December through January.