Thursday, February 14, 2013

GIVE TO OEDIPUS! GIVE TO OEDIPUS! // HEY, JOSEPHUS!  Slate tries to figure out when it became cool to call someone a mother[love]r.


  1. Jordan4:09 PM

    I read a Vonnegut essay years ago about this, and about how Slaughterhouse-5, one of the first if not the first mass printed novels to use the term got banned and burned over it. If I recall correctly, he pointed out that no one could really believe he was suggesting the practice of what Adam called "mother[lov]ing" with the line, "Get out of the road you dumb motherfucker." Thought it would get a mention in the article.

  2. So be nice to your mother, now and then have a chat/buy her candy or some roses or a brand new hat/buuuuuuut maybe you had better let it go at that/or you may find yourself with a quite complex complex, hey, you may end up like Oedipus/I'd rather marry a duck-billed platypus that/End us like Oedipus Rex!