Monday, May 20, 2013

GRANDMA IDA:  I still don't know what to make of last night's Mad Men other than to note that it's really cheating to have Joan magically away for the events of this episode, because there's no way she would have put up with that nonsense.

Also, can we please-please-pretty-please end the Young Dick Whitman flashbacks?


  1. Randy1:11 PM

    It's a long weekend up here in Canada, and I didn't get around to watching Mad Men until after midnight and a few beer. Which is not ideal viewing conditions for Mad Men at the best of times, never mind an episode like THAT. I wasn't really a fan, but Ken Cosgrove tap-dancing made the whole thing worth it.

    I have been over the Dick Whitman flashbacks and the Don Draper false epiphanies for YEARS now. From his Carousel pitch in s1, to his rebirth/baptism in the Pacific in s2, to the events of The Suitcase in s4: I just simply no longer care about his steadfast refusal to learn anything. In fact, because he hasn't really learned anything - or, more specifically, keeps regressing after briefly learning - I can't help but think it diminishes the power of those episodes, especially "The Suitcase".

    You've probably seen the "Bob Benson is Dick Whitman's son!" theories at Alan's (and others') sites, and the Dick Whitman flashbacks this season certainly lend themselves to this theory. And the whore who took Dick's virginity - her last name was "Swenson", right? Swenson... Benson. HMM. I think I still have enough faith in Weiner to not do the completely obvious and cliche thing, but they're certainly planting seeds. Just like Dick. HI-YO!

  2. Watts2:07 PM

    I hung around enough arty types in the mid-90s that I was often the only non-drugged person surrounded by people on either LSD or Ecstasy or at least pot. This episode felt about as fun as the conversations with them. Which is to say, not.

    I think I dislike drug episodes about as much as I do dream episodes.

  3. Watts2:08 PM

    If they do that, I want someone to explain to me why, except for the male creator and primetime slot, this isn't a soap opera.

  4. christy in nyc3:06 PM

    I kind of loved this episode, and yet even I didn't need the flashbacks.

    If they actually try to make Bob Benson be the result of Dick's first roll in the hay...well it would be pretty amazing if they managed to pull that off somehow. Clearly they're planning SOMETHING for Bob.

  5. Yes, but they have to deal with the fact that James Wolk doesn't have a ton of availability going forward, since he's attached to the Robin Williams sitcom (I'm presuming as SMG's love interest). I wouldn't rule out horrible death and leaden parallel with Don's own life.

  6. The two shows may run on different schedules. Allison Brie can make herself available for both Mad Men and Community.

    I just really want James Wolk to land somewhere. I like the actor but haven't loved the shows he's been in. And I like the Bob Benson character. I'd hate to work with him, but I like that he's trying to maneuver his way into SCDP/CGC.

  7. Obviously, SCDP is the black lodge, and Ted Chaough is Special Agent Dale Cooper. Dick Whitman is possessed by the killer D.O.N.

  8. True, though Brie's appearances on Mad Men tend to be pretty self-contained (at least since she landed the Community gig). Wolk's character is a separate mess.


  10. Duvall12:17 AM

    Who said Mad Men wasn't a soap opera? I mean, Season 1 ended with a secret pregnancy.

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