Thursday, May 23, 2013

IF YOU CAN'T TRUST TGI FRIDAY'S, WHO CAN YOU TRUST?  After a yearlong investigation (awesomely dubbed "Operation Swill"), New Jersey officials have charged 29 restaurants in the state with selling liquor deceptively.  In most cases, it's been substitution of a well brand for a premium, but in some instances, rather than scotch, patrons were served rubbing alcohol with food coloring added, or "liquor" bottles were refilled with dirty water.


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  2. The Attorney General gets the quote of the day: "I wouldn't drink rubbing
    alcohol in my house. It serves a very specific purpose: to rub."

  3. When I worked in Giant Corporately Owned Chain Restaurant, I heard several different tricks like that from the bartenders. One was, in a blender drink, just pour a little alcohol down the straw. The customer gets the taste with the first sip and doesn't question the pour.