Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DAVID SAID, “OKAY, LET’S EACH OF US GO IN THE VOCAL BOOTH AND SING HOW WE THINK THE MELODY SHOULD GO–JUST OFF THE TOP OF OUR HEADS–AND WE’LL COMPILE A VOCAL OUT OF THAT”:  The inside story of the recording of "Under Pressure," including an isolated vocals-only track which ... yeah. You'll play it a few times. As Isaac once wrote for these pages, "I always believed in the old adage about how no matter how good you are, there is always somebody better, but I really do not think that was true with Mercury. There is literally nobody who could do Mercury better than Mercury."


  1. This reminds me, if it's still available on streaming check out the Queen in Montreal concert. It's restored and sounds freaking amazing. Also, it's worth checking out for the height of Brian May's hair and John Deacon's blue jumpsuit

  2. Benner10:40 AM

    Indeed. And this attitude on Bowie's part seems consistent -- Stevie Ray Vaughn said that all he told him for Let's Dance is "plug in and play," and yet his final product is always so well formed, without the rough edges that approach would suggest.

  3. It's still on Netflix Watch Instantly. I've watched it five times already. It sounds GREAT in surround sound.

    It's also beautiful because Freddie Mercury is the ringbearer at the wedding who keeps shedding clothes as the night goes along. By the end of it, he's barefoot in tiny shorts. Every time, it cracks me up.