Monday, June 3, 2013

HAPPINESS IS JUST A FLAMING MOE AWAY: The various "Springfield" restaurants at Universal Orlando are now open, and there's a pretty comprehensive review.  Really?  9.95 for a Krusty Burger?  Wake up when Universal opens the Pawnee River Adventure and I can go get waffles at JJ's.


  1. Adam B.2:40 PM

    Moe's has a Love Tester. YES.

  2. If we ever do ALOTT5MA-Con Orlando, Universal is going to have to be part of the agenda, but I'm not riding something called a "Twirl-N-Hurl."

  3. Becca5:40 PM

    When I was working there, I was always pretty comfortable recommending the on-site restaurants to my guests, because the food was actually tasty, compared to other theme park options. The cost is always absurd, but at least it was good, and not a travesty. However, that was a long time ago, and I have no idea how the food is now.

  4. Joseph Finn8:02 PM

    Which should be the name of the ride from The Sandlot.