Monday, June 24, 2013

I'M ON FIRE: I'm sure someone will shortly put up a place to talk about last night's Mad Men with its Hershey bars and "NOT GREAT, BOB!" but I wanted to talk about last night's premiere of Whodunnit?, ABC's effort at summer reality.  As best as can be determined from the debut episode, the show's basically The Mole (Yay!) minus Anderson Cooper (Boo!, though he's replaced by snarky butler, so could be worse) plus a "murder mystery" coat of paint.  Yes, the show feels oddly Joe Schmo-y, in part because the conceit of the show (each losing contestant is elaborately "murdered" and their murder is then "investigated" by the remaining competitors) requires a great deal of acting on the part of the contestants. 

Of course, the "murder" is ridiculously elaborate (the first case involves the victim being lured in front of a fish tank, having arteries in the neck severed by a borderline-impossible slingshot shot, causing her to fall into and shatter the tank, resulting in her already-dead body being electrocuted), and the show toes the line between fun-fake and ridiculous-fake, but the clues are fun.  Anyone else watch?  It and The Hero are looking like my Disposable Summer Reality Fare of choice this year (with USA, as usual, leading Disposable Summer Scripted Fare).

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  1. My assumption is that they are put in a room and given the opportunity to free-form explain their theory to the camera, and then administered a multiple choice test along the lines of The Mole, with the final question being "Who Is The Killer?"