Monday, July 29, 2013

USAIRWAYS IS A REPLACEMENT-LEVEL AIRLINE, OR QDOBA IS A REPLACEMENT-LEVEL MEXICAN CHAIN:  Nate Silver answers questions from Deadspin readers, including "Who is the hottest statistical model you've ever met? Did you ever have sex with her/him?"


  1. Duvall9:42 PM

    Let's just hope that exposure to Deadspin and its readers doesn't cause Silver to despair of writing about sports the way certain politics-themed websites caused him to be frustrated with writing about elections.

  2. Phil_Throckmorton11:09 AM

    And let's hope that he has more impact on ESPN than ESPN has on him.

  3. Sophietje11:21 AM

    One more reason to love the guy- he brought up Sharknado while answering a question about climate change. :)

  4. LittleMascara11:37 PM

    That first answer about the average Deadspin reader's lifespan was gold. If that's what we can expect at the new 538, bring it on.