Monday, July 29, 2013

WE CAN RULE OUT JOHN MAYER, SINCE HE WOULDN'T BE BORN FOR FIVE YEARS: Remember when Carly Simon suffered from crippling stagefright throughout the 1980s until her intimate HBO comeback special? Because now she's totally fine rocking out her biggest hit with T-Swizzle in front of tens of thousands at Foxborough.

[Other remaining musical mysteries: what won't Meat Loaf do, even for love? who placed the the bomp in the bomp-bah-bomp-bah-bomp?]

[From John Moe: "Yes, I went up to Saratoga for an important horserace. And yes, my horse won, thanks to years of training and the hard work of all the people involved. Is this a bad thing?"]

bonus.swift.coverage: After one of her Philly concerts last week, Swift took her crew to Ralph's in South Philly, leaving a $500 tip for a $800 meal. (She did not, however, try the veal, which remains exceptional there.)


  1. Dave S5:17 PM

    Who did let the dogs out?

  2. I think the M&M's commercial got it right:

    You shouldn't do any of those things!

  3. I take it that Ralph's is not the grocery store Ralph's.

  4. Adam B.11:08 AM

    Oldest family-owned Italian restaurant in America.

  5. mikeski2:41 PM

    Who wrote The Book Of Love?

  6. Tara Kennedy4:56 PM

    As someone who spent much too much time in college analyzing Meat Loaf lyrics the answer is buried way at the end of the song: He won't leave and won't cheat. Although, I do like the M&M's answer much better.