Thursday, August 1, 2013

HIS BIGGEST MISTAKE SINCE SHAVING THE 'STACHE: Really, Trebek: dinging someone in the kids tournament final for a minor spelling error when his intent is unmistakable?


  1. victoria8:19 PM

    I'm aware of something similar happening in regular Jeopardy at least once, but during Kids Week in a situation when it wouldn't even have changed the outcome? Uncool.

  2. A similar thing happened in 2005 during 'Back to School' week- a twelve-year-old girl wagered enough to win, and would have if she had not written 'Bejamin Franklin'. I bet that 'n' still haunts her.

    Jeopardy 10/14/2005

  3. Genevieve8:18 PM

    I don't know if it was up to him or if the judges' decision is final, but I suspect the latter. However, I'm really surprised that they don't relax the spelling rule for Kids' Week. Felt so bad for the kid.

    As for it not changing the outcome, that wasn't obvious at that point, I don't think, since the winner hadn't revealed his answer yet, and he bet hugely.