Wednesday, July 31, 2013

IT'S NOT RUFUS:  Having been replaced by Michael Keaton as the villain in the upcoming Robocop remake, Hugh Laurie will be letting his musical talents shine on a US/Canada tour.


  1. Adam C.9:48 PM

    Wait, Keaton in (essentially) the Ronny Cox role? I'd buy that for a dollar! (Also notable: the original's Miguel Ferrer has a part in the remake, and Michael K. Williams plays Murphy's partner!)

  2. Joseph Finn8:34 AM

    This is all well and good, but who's playing the Kurtwood Smith role? Nothing in the cast list jumps out at me.

  3. mikeski3:47 PM

    Gary Oldman seems like a natural there.

  4. Joseph Finn3:49 PM

    Oldman's playing the Robocop creator, sadly.

  5. mikeski4:00 PM

    Hm. Jackie Earle Haley? Although, he seems like he should play the Paul McCrane role.
    "Think you can outsmart a bullet?"

  6. Joseph Finn4:02 PM

    Man, I love that Dr. Romano, Red Foreman and George Clooney's cousin are all in the original Robocop.