Saturday, August 24, 2013

BUT WHO WILL MOCK SEACREST? My total viewing of American Idol amounts to maybe 30 minutes in its life, and the new judging panel of J.Lo., Keith Urban, and Dr. Luke (who you know his work, even if you don't know his name).  The Dr. Luke choice does, to me, indicate that they probably would like another female winner after the string of Sensitive Guys With Guitars.


  1. A. Nonny Mous.4:49 PM

    Keith Urban was the only decent judge last year. Still can't stand J-Lo, but this Dr. Luke character might be able to pull off a Simon Cowell. God knows they need one.

  2. Dr. Luke? Like, Luke Campbell? That could get me watching. "The problem with this is that there aren't enough ASSES SWINGIN' in it!!!"

  3. Nigel from Cameroon12:34 PM

    Dr Luke now out. Ii'm somewhat invested in this show...mainly due to inertia...but this has the makings of a disastrous panel. J LO was awful before, Keith was timid and generally mediocre, and now who joins? Add to this that Randy is apparently replacing Jimmy (who actually was good judge, albeit not really his role) as in-house mentor...and, well, Yikes! I'm out.