Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'M LIKE, WHAT IS THIS GUY'S PROBLEM? HE'S DOING A COMEDY SHOW. WHY DOES HE NOT LIKE TO LAUGH?  Twenty-two SNL vets (and Marc Maron) talk at length about the SNL audition process. Two excerpts from a piece containing many links to extended interviews, video footage, etc:
BILL HADER: I got in an elevator, and there was a guy who was also auditioning, and I thought: “That guy brought a lot of props. I didn’t bring anything.” And he was looking at me, going, “That guy didn’t have to bring any props.” We were just sizing each other up in the elevator. And that was Andy Samberg. 
KATE McKINNON: I did Penélope Cruz. I did Sally Field and Temple Grandin. It’s too bad she’s not in the news more. I have that in my back pocket in case she does anything wacky.

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  1. This article seemed pointless to me. It seemed to be a bunch of comedians saying, "they flew me out, I auditioned, Lorne didn't laugh, I got on the show."

    It's right up there with the recent Times article about a guy looking back on the Broadway shows he'd seen. "Then I saw this... and then this...and this was good..."