Wednesday, August 21, 2013

IRREDEEMABLE:  My goodness, the twists in this fall's season of Survivor. There are competitors (Rupert, Colton) whom I truly do not want to see again, plus a twist (Redemption Island) which has never seemed to work on the show, and that's just the beginning. At least we'll learn whether in the past thirteen years, Gervase Petersen finally has learned to swim.

Just give me eighteen people with some strategic sense next time. Please?


  1. Joseph Finn10:46 AM

    Oh GOD, not Rupert again. And at least now I'll see what this Redemption Island thing is (I skipped the seasons that had ).

  2. isaac_spaceman11:13 AM

    Gervase is back? God, that was a long time ago. Does he have a long grey beard?

  3. bellawilfer2:03 PM

    Adam, I second your final line above wholeheartedly. That said, this will at least be interesting, just potentially an interesting train wreck. Do we know if the family members will be split up on tribes initially?

  4. Adam C.3:38 PM

    Re: Rupert and Colton, O.F.F.S. The added twists beyond the RI trope could make this more interesting than the cast suggests it would be.

  5. Adam B.9:06 PM

    According to the writeup, they will be split into separate tribes, but there are opportunities for swaps.

  6. bellawilfer10:14 PM

    Sigh, that's what I get for assuming I knew which article (with fewer details) you were linking - my mistake.