Sunday, September 8, 2013

AND WHEN THE REFEREE LIFTED ITS LIMP ARM FOR THE THIRD TIME ...  Following up on our February 2013 story, the IOC voted today to reinstate wrestling for the 2020 Summer Olympics, in a 49-24-22 vote over baseball-softball and squash.


  1. J. Bowman6:02 PM

    Just as well. Baseball-softball sounds like a terrible game.

  2. Joseph Finn8:41 PM

    It sucks for softball that it gets put together with baseball; I think it'd do much better on it's own.

    Related: can we remove rhythmic gymnastics and diving from their related sports and revote on them?

  3. Jordan9:02 PM

    I disagree (on the first part). Very few countries actually play softball and the US is almost assured gold. Of the 12 medals in softball given out at the Olympics, 11 have gone to three countries. They went 9/9 in the last three Olympics it was an event. But no way baseball comes back without MLB players. And would they, at this point, add a sport only one gender plays?

  4. Nigel from Cameroon7:15 PM

    Amen! Wrestling is an awesome sport. The original decision to remove it was a poor one and overtly political. Good to see justice served-- not easy with the corrupt IOC involved