Monday, September 9, 2013

MY BABY DON'T MESS AROUND:Want to feel old?  Outkast's "Hey Ya!/The Way You Move" double A-Side Single came out 10 years ago today.  "Hey Ya!" is rightly getting celebrated a lot, but the Big Boi track is pretty great too--can you feel that b-a-s-s, bass?


  1. Callie12:56 PM

    This brings me back to working at FYE during college (ugh, cheap polyester polo shirt nightmares). I sold more copies of that double CD than anything else during that time period, and even though "The Way You Move" was on the in-store track, played repeatedly over the course of my shift, I never got tired of it.

    The thing that I had forgotten about was the umbrella guy who was in like, every video around then (including the TWYM video, which I've now watched three times in succession). Who was he again?

  2. Jenn C2:24 PM

    Farnsworth Bentley! He was P Diddy's PUH (Personal Umbrella Holder).

  3. Jordan4:02 PM

    Huh. We were just talking about this song. In the context of most inappropriate song to play at weddings that is always played at weddings. It just beat out "Hallelujah."

  4. bill.6:14 AM

    Also Warren Zevon, September 7, 2003