Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I COULD REALLY GO FOR A WHATABURGER RIGHT NOW:Buzzfeed ranks 39 major fast food chains by how gross they are.  I suspect we will have opinions on this pressing issue, in particular the taco-related matters.


  1. The Pathetic Earthling12:53 PM

    I've often said that In-N-Out, if it offered McDonald's fries, would be perfection. But everything else about McDonald's is so horrifying that I've been perhaps twice in the last five years.

  2. Andrew1:05 PM

    Popeye's is highly undervalued in that chart. Sure, it's disgusting, but super-delicious.

  3. Randy2:43 PM

    I never really saw the fuss with In-N-Out. It's *ok*, I guess, and their fries are terrific. But even by this list's own criteria, the In-N-Out restaurants I've been to are actually kinda gross.

    For me, Five Guys remains the gold standard. (The only way to improve Five Guys would be for them to offer milkshakes.)

  4. Tosy and Cosh3:23 PM

    Five Guys + Milkshakes = Tosy and Cosh + Early Death Due To Morbid Obesity

  5. Adlai4:20 PM

    Untrue. In-N-Out fries are the best fries - they're thinner, crispier, and fresher.

  6. MidwestAndrew4:46 PM

    I had In-N-Out once and found it overrated. Heard good things about Five Guys, but haven't been there yet. I am also over the top for any burrito place, so I'm pleased with Moe's and Chipotle. They need to add Midwest-centric Freddy's and Braum's to this list.

    Braum's is mostly ice cream (the hand-scooped kind) but serves very underrated burgers and has crinkle-cut fries. It's an Oklahoma-Texas-Kansas-parts of Missouri thing, because they don't ever want to be more than a certain drive from their farms or some cheap excuse like that. Gross: fries. Great: relatively cheap ice cream with many flavors and the good theme burgers.

    Freddy's is growing like a weed in Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri. It's got decent frozen custard, but its steakburgers are good, the hot dogs are underrated, and the shoestring (!) fries are incredible. Plus, FRY SAUCE that I want to jump into like Scrooge McDuck does into money.

  7. bristlesage4:57 PM

    Is this the Utah-style Fry Sauce that's a mayo-ketchup blend? I never could abide by that stuff, but shoestring fries are where it's AT and why I can't really get behind Five Guys--their fries are of a type I really dislike.

  8. bristlesage4:58 PM

    In-N-Out's fries, when fresh, I prefer them to McDonald's fries. But McDonald's fries have a bigger window of acceptablity; In-N-Out's fries go from awesome to crap in a swing of about three degrees Fahrenheit, to me.

    But really, Steak 'N' Shake fries are my ne plus ultra of fast food fries.

  9. MidwestAndrew11:11 PM

    I actually asked what it's made of one day. The friendly young man told me that he makes it every day, and that everyone back there has their own special blend, so it's a little different from day to day. I remember he said that he put some of their special seasoning (for fries and burgers) into the mix.

  10. Bobby Hundley10:19 PM

    As far as gross Midwestern chains go, has anyone ever had Runza?