Monday, September 9, 2013

IN THE CAFETERIA, EATING MY FEELINGS:  The first three SNL episodes of the year will be Tina Fey/Arcade Fire, Miley Cyrus (double duty), and Bruce Willis/Katy Perry. As Splitsider notes, the last (and only other) time Willis hosted, back in 1989, Miley Cyrus wasn't yet born, and presumably he won't be reviving his singing career for the occasion.


  1. Fey/Fire will be fine, Cyrus has the potential for a fascinating trainwreck, Willis is just a weird choice--he doesn't have a project to sell (other than the Red 2 DVD). I'm actually surprised Perry isn't pulling double duty.

  2. Joseph Finn1:11 PM

    "Miley Cyrus (double duty)"

    No, seriously, who's the host and musical guest?

  3. Randy1:26 PM

    Tina Fey / Arcade Fire is already my favorite SNL episode of the year. Maybe I need to calm my expectations a bit. (And DAMN I love the new Arcade Fire song. Plus it's got Bowie!)

  4. The Pathetic Earthling6:12 PM

    Bruce Willis is a fine singer and damn the man who says otherwise.