Friday, September 13, 2013

HA, HA, YOU'RE ALL FOAMY!  It was twenty years ago today that a lanky, ginger-haired unknown hosted NBC's Late Night for the first time. He previewed the show in this op-ed for the New York Times:
The crowd was visibly eager to like the young newcomer, but some seemed puzzled by the radical new set. The backdrop, consisting of 15-foot representations of Mr. O'Brien's laughing head, loomed over his desk and chair, both carved from illegally imported African ivory. While this was somewhat unsettling, an aura of eager anticipation still hung in the air.  
Until, that is, the new Late Night band began to play. Composed of musicians cut by the Boston Pops, the band lurched into an interminable version of "Waltzing Matilda," apparently the show's theme song. The bandleader, a surly cellist, refused to make eye contact with anyone and hissed at a young girl who tried to clap along...


  1. Joseph Finn11:04 AM

    "but the crowd jeered bitterly and one youth kicked the sign."

    For some reason, that slayed me.

  2. Jordan3:07 PM

    For some reason I read that in his voice, with pauses to look incredulously at Andy.