Thursday, September 26, 2013

IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE BELATEDLY TRYING TO EXPRESS REGRET:  Bill Gates now wishes he hadn't required ctrl-alt-delete for logging into Windows, as opposed to a single, convenient button.


  1. isaac_spaceman1:09 PM

    I wonder if, in the comfort of his beautiful Jim Cutler-designed half-mansion/half-terarium, Gates ever turns on his brand new laptop and wants to throw it across the room because he can't figure out how to make Windows 8 do what he has been making his computers do for as long as he has been a billionaire and then some.

  2. Governor Squid2:18 PM

    Is this an idle supposition, or some sort of wonderful fantasy?

  3. Sophietje2:25 PM

    On my keyboard, windows-button+L (lowercase) works to lock. Only two keys needed! (and no confirmation needed!) (But it doesn't help for unlocking/ logging in.)