Friday, September 27, 2013

THOROUGHLY MODERN SITCOMS:  Some more sitcom math based on watching pilots over the past few days:
  • Trophy WifeModern Family (as it was in season one) - Mitchell & Cameron + Bradley Whitford=Yes, I will be watching.
  • The Goldbergs:  Modern Family (as it is now) + 80s references + EVEN MORE YELLING - Gloria=No, I probably will not be watching, despite Patton Oswalt in the Daniel Stern voiceover role.
  • The Michael J. Fox ShowModern Family (as it was in season one) -Jay/Gloria and Mitch/Cameron + "wacky sister" + Parkinson's Jokes replacing "funny accent" jokes =Yes, I will be watching.
  • DadsModern Family (as it is now) + additional racism and sexism + multicam and laugh track=No, I didn't even bother watching.

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