Thursday, September 26, 2013

YOU ARE A KINGPIN: There is a lot of Breaking Bad-related riffing in the interwebs this week, obviously, so take a look at Breaking Bad plots as Choose Your Own Adventure novels, or a video with every bad thing that's happened to Jesse Pinkman scored to "Everybody Hurts" (or a compilation of humor on the show), or MZS's or Grantland's favorite episodes, or a LTE that didn't quite get it, or ...


  1. Watts3:22 PM

    It's like yen to David Beckham's, ahem, yang: (Six Seasons of Walter White in His Tighty Whities)

    I laughed at the brief shot of him in the cabin in the white long johns. I took it as a punchline to all the white briefs we'd seen over the years.

  2. I'm surprised not to see "One MInute" in either of the lists of best episodes.