Monday, December 2, 2013

NOT EVERYTHING HAS ITS SEASON: A list of Broadway songs with which to never audition. (HT: @TheatreProblems)


  1. Marsha3:49 PM

    This cannot be real, because any such list would have to include "On My Own."

  2. Eric J.4:08 PM

    Any ideas why Thoroughly Modern Millie is on the list? I can see the rest being overdone and grating, but is TMM that highly thought of? Or is it just because Sutton Foster?

  3. Nancy Skaggs6:19 PM

    That list is WAY too short.

  4. Genevieve6:38 PM

    I think it might be a list from a college musical theater program? One of the commenters said they got it in the mail too.
    Here's a longer list:

  5. Genevieve6:38 PM

    Gimme Gimme gets done a lot, but I'm surprised that they put the whole show on the list.

  6. Becca7:12 PM

    I agree! I would also specifically list "And I am Telling You." Just...don't. But poor Pippin. He has such simple, cheeseball songs!

  7. Most of the other songs probably don't work so well as audition pieces, since Millie is full of big group numbers and duets. Audition songs are typically big solo songs. "Anything from Les Mis" would probably have been a better/more accurate choice.

  8. Marsha11:01 AM

    I'm very happy to see that my usual piece (not that I ever expect to need it again) still isn't on these lists - "Happily Ever After" from Once Upon A Mattress. Underrated show with some great music.

  9. Genevieve3:35 PM

    "Shy" was on one list, which surprised me. Definitely agree that Mattress is underrated!