Friday, December 6, 2013

THE OTHER FOOTBALL:  We have a World Cup draw for 2014, including a brutal quartet for Sam's Army: Germany, Portugal, Ghana.


  1. bill.4:12 PM

    first reaction to Group G was "oh, crap." Apparently, USA also has to travel 9,000 miles between these three first round games.

    Second take is even though Ghana has knocked USA out of the previous 2 World Cups, USA is the better team and should be able to get a win. In this group they'll need that win. Other than Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal isn't that good right now. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Portugal. A win is possible, a tie is hoped for. Press the play and hope to keep the ball away from Ronaldo. Use all three subs on shadows to run him into the ground. Germany -- USA outplayed them in the 2002 WC and still lost. They beat the Germany B team earlier this year. Again, a win is possible, hope for a tie.

    Here's the USA's historical records:
    Germany: 3-6-0
    Ghana: 0-2-0
    Portugal: 2-2-1

    USA, if healthy, can hang with Germany and Portugal. The key is to beat Ghana in the first game and collect those 3 points. If they again lose to Ghana, they're done.

  2. Jordan6:00 PM

    I'm with you 100%. People need to stop complaining that it's over and saying we got stuck in the group of death. We didn't. That's Australia, who got stuck with Spain, the Netherlands and Chile in Group B. I'd rather our three than them. But back to Portugal. They're a one man(?) team that has played poorly as of late. They failed twice in qualifying to beat Israel, including in the second to last match, in Lisbon, with a World Cup berth on the line.

  3. The England Uruguay Italy group is going to be a blast. Who'll get red carded: Suarez, Rooney or Balotelli?

  4. Agreed. This group, while tough, has potential for the USA to snag a 2nd if they can tie Portugal and Portugal drops points to Ghana. Definitely possible. Goal Differential could come into play here if USA, Portugal, and Ghana all Rochambeau leaving them all at 1-0-2. Prediction: Germany 9 points. Portugal 3 points, USA 3 points, Ghana 3 points. Portugal gets 2nd on goal differential with a CR7 hat trick against the USA. If the Rochambeau is three ties instead and they all get 2 points, USA could sneak in as 2nd if they hold the Germans to 1-0.

  5. Jordan11:02 AM

    It's worth noting that the play order is favorable to us. A German team that's already clinched with 6 points maybe happy to rest up and play for a tie against 3 or 4 point American side. Or get confused and keep trying to pass the ball to Klinsmann...gotta hope for something.

  6. The Pathetic Earthling4:37 PM

    We can -- and should -- beat Ghana, despite the record. We certainly can beat Portugal. And anything can happen, so I'm looking forward to it all...