Thursday, July 31, 2014

GELMAN!  All the Sharknado 2 cameos, GIF'd.  

As a reminder/warning, Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda debuts Saturday night.


  1. Adam C.7:33 PM

    To be fair, Downtown Julie Brown was a tough one to pick up, because she failed to say "wubba wubba" (unless I just missed it). The Robert Hays cameo was the most inspired, and they took the time to lift lines directly from Airplane!. The Andy Dick cameo - well, when a cameo IN SHARKNADO 2 can take you out of the movie, then it's probably an unnecessary cameo.
    With only two exceptions I can recall, every on-screen shark bite was to the head. (1) That's some uncanny accuracy and consistency in shark attack targeting! (2) The Asylum got a great bargain on reusable CGI FX!

  2. Joseph Finn11:12 AM

    I totally missed the Andy Dick cameo, somehow.

  3. Adam C.11:53 AM

    The Vulture piece plays a bit fast and loose with the definition of "cameo," too -- there's a difference between people who pop up in a scene because of their pop culture cred (Wheaton, Dick, Osbourne) or even in a more extended bit to service an in-joke or homage (Hays, Hirsch), on the one hand, and working actors taking small roles because that's what they do (True, Kind, Klein, Friedlander) on the other hand. No joke here about the Tara Reid hand (though as soon as that happened, anyone who's seen the Evil Dead movies knew what inevitably would follow).

  4. Joseph Finn11:55 AM

    Sue me, but I enjoyed that it was both of the Wheatons and not just Wil.