Wednesday, July 30, 2014

MAYBE THIS TIME, MIA FARROW AND PHILIP ROTH WILL WATCH IT TOGETHER:  Not that we like to tell you how to spend your leisure time, but Sharknado 2: The Second One debuts on Syfy at 9pm tonight.


  1. Adam C.9:53 AM

    In a perfect world, I'll be watching it live and not TiVo-delayed. If it is even half as ludicrous as I am hoping it'll be, that's a win.
    This reminds me of two things: (1) I need to show the kids the first one. (2) Don't watch "Shark Assault," which has also been airing on Syfy this week, unless you have a strong desire to see how far Patrick Bergin and Yancy Butler have fallen.

  2. Adam C.10:21 AM

    Also, premiering Saturday night, Sharktopus v. Pteracuda. To be evaluated: is this the Sharktopus sequel we need, or the one we deserve?

  3. Joseph Finn11:41 AM

    I'll note that it's also the selection for next weeks installment of How Did This Get Made?, the Paul Scheer/June Diane Rapheal/Jason Mantzoukas podcast.

  4. Andrew2:19 PM

    Steve Sanders + wubway + shark = sold.