Monday, August 18, 2014

BELIEVE IN DRAGONS:  The little league where my kids played teeball is now one game away from the U.S. Championship at the Little League World Series.


  1. Adam C.9:14 AM

    My older daughter played teeball at Taney too, and given her current age, we're pretty sure she must have played with and/or against some of the kids on this team. Great game last night, full of highs and lows and life lessons all around. As happy as I am for Taney baseball, it was a heartwrenching ending for those kids from Pearland, Texas - I hope that they can bounce back and have a good game today in the elimination bracket.

  2. Joseph Finn10:48 AM

    Now think some good thoughts for Jackie Robinson Middle School here in Chicago, as they need a win tonight against Cumberland from Rhode Island.

  3. Genevieve10:50 AM

    Fantastic! I didn't realize the game was on last night till I read your tweets later, but so glad Taney advanced.

  4. Genevieve10:50 AM

    Ooh, I've got mixed rooting interests on that one. But I'll be happy for whichever team advances. (But then rooting for Taney to take it all.)