Wednesday, October 22, 2014

100% LESS BEAU BRUMMELLY, AND THE LOVELY BOYLAN SISTERS ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND:  Now online is the music video for Sia's remake of "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" from the new Annie film soundtrack, with Quvenzhané Wallis and multiple adorable orphans frolicking through the streets of N.Y.C.

[No sign of Mr. Eko/Simon Adebisi, who joined the cast as "Nash".]


  1. Joseph Finn4:15 PM

    Sigh. It's cute, but I can't help that hope this doesn't mean 10 years of waiting while Quvenzhané Wallis does Disney and c-grade musicals like this before we see what she can really do as an actress again. Yeah, I'm a curmudgeon.

  2. Tara Kennedy9:53 AM

    I find myself strangely nostalgic for the Beau Brummely line, I recognize that as I child I had no clue who that was, so it makes even less sense in a modern retelling, but there we go. It's wonderfully peppy, so I will get over it.

  3. Christy in Philly9:53 AM

    It made me cry tears of joy. I'm a sap like that though.