Thursday, October 23, 2014

MORE THAN THE MOON:  So, we now have a 4 minute featurette for Into The Woods, which gives us a little bit of singing (a chunk of "I Wish/Prologue" and a piece of Streep singing "Stay With Me") and continues to suggest that if nothing else, the orchestrations are going to sound great.  Does it calm your fears or enhance them?

Related:  Emma Stone has said she was approached to play Cinderella, but turned down the role because of vocal range.


  1. Joseph Finn4:01 PM

    Well, I'm glad we got plenty of Rob Marshall to discuss the movie instead of maybe cutting together a trailer that had some singing in it.

  2. Tosy and Cosh4:04 PM

    HUGELY enhanced. The look and sound is great, and the little singing we heard was very encouraging. Looks pretty faithful while still being a movie, not a filmed play.

  3. Maret Orliss4:37 PM

    I am reposting (and editing for grammar) my comment on Matt's FB post with this link:

    I see they are following a marketing plan similar to Les Mis - the cast, creators, etc. showing an appreciation for the source material.

    I am hopeful based on that trailer.

    I will also have more to say on my expectations for this film when I am not sworn to secrecy by people who may or may not have seen it already. And by people who made it.

  4. Saray4:27 PM

    Calm calm calm, much calm, very calm.