Tuesday, August 3, 2004

HOW 'BOUT A NICE GAME OF BOUILEBASEBALL? In the continuing quest to create the least necessary DVD of a television series, we perhaps have a topper. Yes, Season One of "ALF" is finally arriving on DVD. More disturbingly, as of this writing, it's #70 on Amazon in terms of sales. Now, I own a lot of TV on DVD, like both seasons so far released of this and this, and the only season so far released of this, but aren't we going a little far? Other competitors for the least necessary DVD release title?

Three seasons of "Dawson's Creek," with a fourth season coming soon.

"Sledge Hammer! Season One"

Four seasons (the fifth is on its way) of "Sanford and Son"

Three (extremely expensive) seasons of "Dr. Quinn: Frontier Anachronism."

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