Tuesday, August 3, 2004

ISH! So, my brother finally got me to sit down and watch Pimp My Ride on the MTV. Hoo boy, that's some fine television.

For the uninitiated, the show is Queer Eye, only it's a lame car, not a lame guy. But otherwise, it's the same: evaluate the current crap, tear it to pieces and discard unneeded furniture, get the team together to work out a plan, refurbish/remodel and, finally, the reveal, all in a half hour. Just like you don't have to care about fashion to admire Carson Kressley's work, you don't need to care about cars to admire the work of Mad Mike and the West Coast Customs crew.

(And, just like QESG, while there's a lot of high-end work going on, there's also plenty that any of us can do based on watching the show. For example, the convenience of positioning a Camelbak behind the driver's seat.)

Anyone else watching?

(Also, an fyi: expect a new blogger to join us soon.)

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