Monday, November 20, 2006

NO, MR. SCOTT, WE WON'T BE HOLDING IT AT HOOTERS: As we pledged, discussions have been ongoing concerning the First Annual ALOTT5MA Chrismukkah Party in Manhattan. Due to the surprising outpouring of response, we have reached beyond our personal abilities to host and are seeking a location (likely a bar or restaurant). While a few ideas have been bandied about amongst your Host Committee, we invite your collective knowledge. Criteria include:
  • Place must be reasonably quiet and able to carry on a conversation. Place should also not be excessively crowded.
  • Place must have a reasonably accessible gathering area where folks who may not recognize one another by sight can gather.
  • Place must have decent selection of food and drink at reasonable price, but not require minimums or pre-purchases.
  • Place should be centrally located with decent mass transit accessibility.

Your suggestions are invited.

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