Friday, October 31, 2008

AND MY DAUGHTER NOW KNOWS WHAT "CONFETTI" IS: This is not the typical view outside my office:

Parade: awesome. Simple, exuberant, massive.

However, SEPTA FAIL. An unexpected shutdown of southbound service on the Broad Street Line meant there was no way for me and Lucy to join the (extremely delayed) rally at Citizen's Bank Park -- basically, you have hundreds of thousands of people in Center City ending an event at around the same time, and no plans on how to disperse them. I mean, I'm not saying cities can reasonably prepare for such an event, but public transportation simply failed today.

Anyway, I'm watching the rally right now. Burrell just spoke. I'm getting misty.

e.t.a. CHUTLEY! has now made local broadcasters very interested in the Supreme Court's upcoming handling of FCC v. Fox Television Stations.

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