Monday, October 27, 2008

ON THE VERGE: Really, is this what it was going to feel like? When I think about other title quests -- the Sixers in 2001, the various Eagles squads of this decade or the Red Sox teams which won the World Series in recent years -- I think about playoffs filled with on- and off-the-field drama, emotionally wrenching affairs.

And this hasn't been that. Sure, there have been dramatic games like Saturday night's rain-delayed 5-4 thriller, but it's been more about solid execution throughout this past month in which they've gone 23-6. From Cole Hamels and the starters to the solid-as-hell bullpen (Ryan, you can throw that fast?), and, thank goodness, at bat, even with runners in scoring position.

Followers of my Twitter feed have some sense as to what it was like, but really, it was better than that tonight. Just the growing realization that we were really going to win this game, and nothing was going to derail us. Really: Joe Blanton hits a home run? Ryan Howard hits two?

But still, it's weird: we didn't have to beat the Mets or Braves in the playoffs, missed the Cubs and aren't facing the Red Sox or Yankees in the World Series. That aspect of it is weirdly unsatisfying. And yet we are one win away from everything. Cole Hamels, at home, tomorrow: couldn't ask for a better set-up.

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