Wednesday, September 9, 2009

APPARENTLY LIV TYLER NEEDS FREE PRESS MORE THAN JEN GARNER DOES: Three episodes into the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project, and it feels like the show has really hit its stride vis-à-vis last year. These first few eps have been really tight -- there's a situation, the situation presents issues needing to be resolved, there's some drama surrounding the resolution, and the issue is resolved. Less of Taylor whining about Brad and more of the clothes and the styling -- these are good developments!

This may just be my own bias, but I am hoping that as the season progresses, we'll get more of the "Liv Tyler needs an everyday wardrobe" stuff. The red carpet dress selection process is fun as far as it goes, but it seems to be more about access to great dresses (not to mention access to designers who are willing to indulge Rachel's whims about possible reworkings) than about exceptional personal styling. I am actually getting more of a kick out of seeing how Rachel styles herself than I am out of seeing her figure out which ballgown Anne Hathaway should wear when she chats with Joan Rivers.

Who's watching?

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