Saturday, September 12, 2009

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF I SANG OUT OF TUNE? I'D TURN ON NO FAIL MODE: Having now spent a fair amount of time with The Beatles: Rock Band, it's a great package, even for someone who's not hard-core into the Beatles, but I'm wondering if it's actually going to have the opposite effect to what is hoped. Because of the nature of the Beatles' music, there's not a lot of elaborate guitar work involved in many of the songs--the brilliance of the Beatles wasn't face-melting guitar solos or fanatic drumming, but a simple melody and the combination of all the elements. I'm easily scoring in the 90's on medium guitar on my first try, even on songs I'm less familiar with. The vocals are harder, and I haven't tried drumming yet. In contrast, I routinely failed songs in Guitar Hero and regular Rock Band when I first played them. I'm wondering if some folks for whom this is the first (or at least an early) exposure to the music of the Beatles to discount their musical achievement because it's not "Through The Fire and Flames," rather than getting a full understand of the band's historical and musical import.

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