Monday, December 19, 2011

THE REAL DRAGONSLAYER: I've got nothing to say about the end of this season of Survivor, which will go down as one of the five lamest in show history. Other than anything-having-to-do-with-Cochran and a few moments during last night's episode (the Redemption and first Immunity Challenge, the threat of a tie), just a blah cast with blah strategy.  Screw honor; I want game play. Bring on the next, hopefully better cast -- and no Redemption, right?

Fienberg, AV Club with the recaps.


  1. Adam C.11:29 AM

    Fully agree.  For the first time I can remember, I was bored out of my mind during the finale and the reunion.  

    I hope no Redemption Island for next season (they didn't say either way, but hopefully the omission is meaningful) and I also hope no returning alums (which I think they would have hyped if it were a factor; they did not).

  2. Probst's conviction that there is only one correct way to play Survivor, and his willingness to ignore actual winners of Survivor to talk to people he thinks played the game best, is always frustrating. 

  3. Has there ever been a female winner who Probst supported fully?

  4. Maggie11:48 AM

    As someone posted (I think Kim Reed, who recaps Survivor for TWOP) in my twitter feed - there's a femisist studies thesis to be written on how Probst (and Ozzy) treated Sophie...

  5. Gleemonex1:20 PM

    Y'all like how Probst basically admitted that they rigged that last challenge as a gift-wrapped deluxe holiday cheese log for Ozzy, but he fumbled it because he can't stand it if a girl is beating him?

    Me, I am tired of watching the jury vote like pissed-off seventh-grade bitches instead of GAME-SHOW PARTICIPANTS. Coach should have won.

    And I'm sick to fucking death of Ozzy. Ugh. 

    Rules for new seasons (don't I wish): 

    1) No alumni.
    2) No Redemption. 
    3) No more Christianist posturing. 

    I keep saying I want an "Atheists vs. Believers" season -- holy shit, think of the ratings and the awesomeness ... 

  6. Adlai1:29 PM

    Or, they could divide the tribes by different religions - those who believe that a higher power gets involved in reality tv, and those who do not. 

  7. The Pathetic Earthling1:39 PM

    Probst's cheerleading for specific contenstants is one of the reasons I've stopped watching.

  8. Adam C.2:04 PM

    Uh, oh - just read Dalton Ross's weekly confab with Probst on, which ends like this:

    [Ross:] Instead of teasing us up for next week you get to tease us up for next season. Drop your first hint about <span>Survivor: One World</span> right here and right now!
    <span>[Probst:] Clue: There is still more to be revealed.</span>

    Yeah, that doesn't make me feel good about next season at all.

  9. Apparently Mark Burnett is a born again Christian, and very gung-ho about it all, which would explain why it was embraced, rather than pushed to the side, this season.  Also probably clears up why the editors let those disparaging comments against Buddhism by the snowboarders on The Amazing Race fly.

    Next season sounds promising - I'm looking forward to starting from a level playing field.  It's clear the former players are held in too high of esteem to consider making a move against them (with the exception of Russell).  

  10. Preston10:08 PM

    I think what Probst is hinting at is that the tribes will be divided Men vs. Women.  There are (thankfully) no reports of redemption island or returning players.

    I'm a huge fan of Sophie's victory.  It's not her fault that, with the exception of Parvati, that the editing crew hasn't crafted a widely-supported story for any female winner.  I definitely think she's in the upper tier of winners.

  11. Adam C.4:22 PM

    I've since seen the men vs. women rumor on a couple of sites.  But they've used that at least twice before (Amazon and Vanuatu - though each time they had a pre-merge tribal swap/shuffle).  So I'd be kind of surprised if that were the only twist that remains to be revealed.

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