Wednesday, August 22, 2012

YOU KNOW, THERE'S TWO KINDS OF DOCTORS. THERE'S THE KIND THAT GET RID OF THEIR FEELINGS, AND THE KIND THAT HOLD ON TO THEM. IF YOU HOLD ON TO YOUR FEELINGS YOU'RE GOING TO GET SICK EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. IT'S PART OF IT:  As part of its series heralding shows which hit at least 100 episodes, the AV Club selects ten episodes representing ER at its best. (None of them feature Dr. Dave Malucci.)

Matt re-reviewed "Love's Labor Lost" as part of our 2009 retrospective.


  1. Joseph Finn3:59 PM

    And I nominated Sand And Water, which is JUST outside of their range (season 7, episode 2) and what I think is the last pretty damn great episode of the show.  (To recap, Carter is back from rehab, Abby becomes his sponsor and their is a plot about a premature birth ending in a baptism on the roof.)

  2. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Oh man.  I watched ER religiously through most of the first 3 seasons--EXCEPT for Love's Labor Lost, which I have still never seen, oddly enough-- and then didn't have a TV for several years.  I attempted to reconnect with it when I was doing the 8 weeks of my surgery rotation at a county hospital in Fresno but, after a day on the burn team, I turned on the TV to find Elizabeth Corday frantically wheeling a burn victim down the hall, shouting things about skin grafts and lactated Ringer's.  I pretty much gave it up after that.