Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HAVE IT YOUR WAY, 83% OF THE TIME:  According to an annual study by Quick Service Restaurant magazine, Wendy's again has the fastest drive-thrus in the business, while Burger King's are both the slowest and least accurate. Wendy's is also the only fast food restaurant surveyed to have improved its time over last year; increasing menu complexity is generally to blame. On the customer service front:
While the total percentage of units that said “please” climbed from 53.7 to 57.2 percent, the same tally for “thank you” fell from 86.6 to 85.9 percent.


  1. I need next year's report to count what the workers say in response to "Thank you" from a customer. My dad steams when they say "No problem" and I get irrationally angry at "My pleasure." WHAT'S SO WRONG WITH "You're welcome"??

  2. Joseph Finn10:42 AM

    But that's so cold and impersonal with no personal flavor! Or, they're young idiots. Whatevs.

  3. I'll accept "no worries," but only if they're Aussie.

    However, I will admit to using "no problem" myself.

  4. The Pathetic Earthling12:03 PM

    I always like that Arkansan formulation of " 'precciate you." " 'precciate YOU."

  5. having been at the university of texas during junior's reign at wendy's, it is absolutely no surprise that they put the fast in fast food.

  6. bellawilfer2:26 PM

    "No worries" used to drive me crazy - I WASN'T WORRIED ABOUT IT! Then I spent a bunch of time in Australia and forced myself to get over it.

  7. New peeve: Someone today said "welcome!" in response to a "thank you." I didn't just arrive, yo.

  8. bristlesage4:05 PM

    I admit I sometimes say, "No problem", mainly when I'm getting thanks for something I'm not sure I needed thanking for.

  9. Watts6:47 PM

    Yeah - if someone asks you to do a favor and they thank you, I say it's ok to say "No problem." But if we're just observing the social niceties in an employee/customer situation, I still prefer "You're welcome."

    My dad has this whole rant about "No problem? NO PROBLEM! Well, I'm glad doing your job WASN'T A PROBLEM." What can I say? He's almost 70 years old, his eyebrows have their own zip code - he's allowed to edge toward curmudgeonly.