Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SUBSEQUENT TO THE EVENTS YOU HAVE JUST WITNESSED ...  While it did briefly leak on YouTube back in 2008, it's not until today's BluRay release that you can officially see the alternate, original ending to the film Little Shop of Horrors, which as the link explains did not test so well twenty-five years ago.

Also, while Marc Platt is still developing another film remake, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will not in fact be starring, which leaves ... who?  Jesse Tyler Ferguson is not quite a film lead yet, so I'm not sure.


  1. Tosy and Cosh10:35 AM

    Somewhat against type, but Josh Gad would be awesome. Not that he's at lead status yet either.

  2. If 1600 Penn hits big (which I don't think is terribly likely, but, you never know), Gad could do it, and I don't know that you want or need a big name for the part.

  3. bellawilfer1:05 PM

    JGL saying "I never was [attached]" is not the same as "I'm not going to star in it." Just means they never officially got him on board. I could see him still doing it. I do like the Josh Gad idea though.

  4. Adam B.3:06 PM

    And just rely on bigger names for Audrey/Dentist/Patient? (Jack Black/Zach G?)


  5. That, coupled with the existing goodwill of Little Shop, yeah. It's sort of like the apparent plan with Into The Woods, where the protagonists (the Baker and Wife) cast with small names while other characters cast with bigger names.