Thursday, April 20, 2006

A HORSE GALLOPING ACROSS A PLAIN IN BHUTAN CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING: The manic enjoyability of Isaac's Alias manifesto has earned him the pole position in posting analysis of last night's re-premiere. However, as a baseball game prevented him from watching in a timely fashion (priorities, boys, priorities!), I am opening up the comments for Alias discussion. A few non-spoilery thoughts:
  • Could the difference between really-pregnant Jennifer Garner and pretend-pregnant Jennifer Garner have been any more stark?
  • Did Dixon age 15 years since we saw him last, or what? What exactly has Carl Lumbly been doing with himself?
  • Irina Derevko would appear to be the single smartest, most powerful, and wiliest person on the planet.

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