Wednesday, April 19, 2006

REQUISITE AI DISCUSSION THREAD: Last night's performances did nothing to change my views on anyone. Elliott still bores me, I still love Katharine, Paris still has not regained her early-round spark, and so forth. I was pleased to hear Daughtry do a straight version of "What a Wonderful World," and thought he did a nice job with it. Taylor's "You Send Me" was horrifically dull until the "you thrill me" verse and thereafter -- until that point, I was scratching my head as to exactly which performance skills Rod Stewart thought he was extolling. I was too befuddled by the bun in Ace's hair to pay much attention to his song. (Mr. Cosmo astutely observed that Ace's hairdo and outfit were a little too Vincent Vega.) And then there's Kellie . . . Kellie Kellie Kellie Kellie. Loved the point when she mangled her first of many notes and Simon hung his head in disgust.

I have to think that Ace leaves us tonight. Kellie's whole "Ah Butchered It, Ah'm So Sorreeeeee" thing probably saves her, and it's not like she's ever in the bottom three anyway.

And did anyone see the commercial for the rapidly impending return of So You Think You Can Dance? Coming in May!

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