Thursday, April 20, 2006

NO, THAT'S NOT HOW I'D WANT TO LEAVE THE ISLAND: And beyond that, I think we learned, again, that Aras and Cirie may be among the smarter people who've played Survivor (Aras, for the "don't let this game splinter us" line plus realizing last week that If Terry Wants Me On Exile Island, He Knows There's No Idol There; Cirie just for general perceptiveness regarding her fellow competitors), but if Shane really is faux-crazy-just-to-firm-alliances and not really loony given the lack of nicotine, he's even smarter. I still think he's really crazy, and his whining about not going on the reward tonight was pathetic.

But, still, the highlight of the episode was finding the producers finding ways to multiply just how awesome the "smash the plates"/"chop the coconuts" reward challenge is at precisely the splintering Aras feared: not only did they have to eliminate each other from the game, but they had to do so within the context of filling out and then revealing their answers to a virtual slam book about their castaways ("Like, who do you think has cooties?"), and then the winner had to figure out which two people to bring along on the reward. If people weren't thinking pecking order before, they sure are now, and, finally, we may have a season on our hands.

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