Sunday, April 16, 2006

LIVE FREE OR DIE: So, a whole episode about that? Really?

After the urgency of the first five Sopranos episodes, tonight was a more comic, less complicated affair. A number of characters had visions of how else their lives could be, we heard a lot of different slang terms for homosexuality, and Finn was put in an awkward position.

But, still? Weakest episode of the season. I prefer my Sopranos to err on the side of obscure symbolism, not thuddingly obvious final scenes, 'k?

edited to add: Sepinwall's take: "Since Tony came out of his coma, I've had a running argument with our other TV critic, Matt Seitz, about whether Tony has been changed by the experience. After last night, I'm with Matt: Tony wants to learn and grow from what happened, but the business he has chosen won't let him. . . . . [A]s we head into the second half of this spring season, I keep returning to something Chase told me last month: 'Once we realized we were doing a show in which characters would and could die, that was very liberating in a way. Because it meant that they could change also.' As I said before the season began, the opposite is true, too: on this show, when people change, they usually die."

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