Wednesday, August 2, 2006

TRAGICALLY, GAZEBO-BOY FOUND HIS POWERS USELESS IN CONFRONTING THE TERMITE MEN: So I caught most the premier of Sci-Fi's Who Wants to Be a Superhero and, all told, it wasn't bad. It's usual Reality TV fare - interpersonal drama followed by competition followed by elimination. Stan Lee, as host and judge, let it be known would not try to test the purported powers of the cast -- MoneyWoman, Fat Momma, Major Victory, usw. -- but could only test their character.

The first test was to walk around in street clothes until paged -- the characters had to find a place to change into their costumes away of curious onlookers (outhouses and utility areas did the trick) and bolt for a finish line. Of course, the real test was to notice the hard-to-miss 9 year old girl crying for her lost Mommy, and take her to conspicuous security kiosk. Of the 10 contestants, five bolted straight past, apparently oblivious, four helped out and one saw her, ignored her, and then lied to Stan Lee about it.

The editing was cool, with comic book-style overlays of the parting shots.

I'll give the second episode a go -- if they can do well disguised moral challenges to test, as Stan Lee says, what's inside -- it might just be fun.

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