Monday, October 30, 2006

MARKED, AND REPRISAL? We just got back from our fifth-anniversary trip, and while it's a day late, there's perhaps still something to be said about last night's Race, especially for those of us still stubborn enough to believe that the road from Kuwait to Mauritius lies in the Emirates or India, not Heathrow of all places. (Were the Groanies still there?)

A simple question of race strategy, really: if every other team has shifted to Task B, and you know it doesn't involve something in which you're better than other teams (really -- much though we like them, what are David and Mary good at?), aren't you obligated to stay where you are to have the only shot of passing your rivals? Especially if it involves, y'know, digging, which presumably is a task with which coal miners are accustomed? Had they been Philiminated last night, it would have been wholly deserved.

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