Friday, November 3, 2006

WE DON'T TALK ABOUT THEM, EVER: Except for this one, over here, that babbles wide-eyed free verse in a tub full of water thickened with cornstarch and gelatin like the future-seer-judge-lady from Minority Report and, oh yeah, flies the Cylon mothership for us. Why don't you get a moment of exposition in with her before we send you off to investigate the crippled Base Star with the enormous moral conundrum aboard it?

Do the "hybrids" exhaust the other five Cylon models? Probably not the whole picture. At least we don't know for sure. Maybe they're only some of them. Perhaps some of them are hybrid with machines and some of them are hybrid with organics. (Yes, I'm still hoping maybe Tigh isn't just chasing hooch-induced hallucinations down the decks of Galactica, but will concede that it's a stretch at this point.) It's got to be more complicated.

Complicated is good though. I love this show for the complicated. And for the explosions. And asskicking. And... Yes, forgive me, for the wide variety of charismatically angry women with knives. The psychotic-but-practical expression Starbuck adopted for her haircut this week was just about the high point of the episode.

Darker and darker for Tigh, it would seem. But towards the light for Lt. Thrace? Hugging the kid you were tricked by enemies of humanity into accepting as your own daughter because you know you're supposed to even though its rightful mother has since reclaimed it from your arms is the first step towards hugging the same kid because you want to in your heart, after all.

Otherwise: Cylons "projecting"? Catching diseases? Fighting amongst themselves like frightened children?

Whatd'ya got? What'd I miss? Thoughts, theories, predictions and paranoid political fantasies all welcome in the comments.

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