Monday, January 21, 2008

COUNTERPROGRAMMING: Since I've already remarked on, and heard remark of, my curmudgeonly nature this morning, and since the sight of Favre doing what I will remember most about his last four or five years (that is, flinging wild interceptions) was not quite enough to clear out the stink of the Patriots yet again winning a losable game to a mediocre (without LDT, anyway) team, then just to prove that I am capable of enjoyment, I'll mention two things that did make me smile:

1. The Wire. I know that a lot of people think that the McNulty serial-killer storyline is this show's Landry-and-Tyra-Kill-a-Rapist, but I don't really care. This was a damn funny episode, with Bunk's petulance, Barlow's impermeable density, Freamon's gameness, Marlo's monolingualism, Omar's Honey-Nut Cheerios-free domesticity, Michael and Dookie's game (the game with the girls, not with the drugs, that is), Bug's Batman mask, and McNulty's fresh-air shenanigans. And for an episode to be that funny while still giving us and the characters so much heartbreak -- the minor character who bowed out this episode always was one of my favorites, though I feel like I say that every time a minor character gets written out -- requires a genius of which strike-replacement television is not capable.

2. This YouTube soccer clip. I never thought that the voice of absolute undiluted joy would come ragged from vodka and cigarettes and extolling the virtue of Leeds, but surprise, it does. As a bonus, I have it on good authority that many of the words spoken are in English, though for the life of me I can't identify which.

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