Saturday, January 26, 2008

DAMN YOU, BERLANTI! Amidst all the Lost hype, a reminder that it's probably worth staying tuned for (or setting your DVR for) the premiere that follows--new Greg Berlanti lawyer drama Eli Stone. As a fan of Berlanti going back to the Everwood years, I'm sure to turn in, but if that's not selling point enough--the cast includes Jonny Lee Miller (aka "Angelina's Pre-Brad Man"), SpyDaddy! (who apparently will get to sing), Loretta Devine, B'way faves Laura Benanti and Joanna Gleason, Veronica Mars alum Julie Gonzalo, and Patch Abbott himself (plus regular cameos from George Michael. Sure, I'm not exactly thrilled by reports that the pilot has a major plot endorsing the (at best) dubious "vaccines cause autism" theory, but that cast is enough to make me interested regardless of how much political sermonizing we may get.

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